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Probe Lockers

Probe Lockers are ideal all-rounders when it comes to personal storage in the workplace. The attractive, user-friendly nature of these cost-effective Probe lockers is a real plus point.

The lockers are manufactured in the UK and conform to BS4680:1996 Standard duty lockers and also ISO 9001:2000. They are manufactured in accordance with the Health & Safety certification OHSAS 18001.

In buying lockers from the Probe range, you can be assured you are getting the highest quality components, construction and finish for your money.

Standard features and security of Probe lockers; There are some common features of Probe lockers you'll want to be aware of when selecting the right lockers for your workplace.

Each Probe locker door features through frame locking. This is for added security and gives your users a robust, secure compartment to store their belongings. In this type of locking, the cam locates through aperture in frame, preventing the door from being easily forced open. The through frame locking is coupled with welded internal door strengtheners and welded compartment dividers for higher security. No-one is getting in to these locker compartments easily!

Each Probe locker door has an air vent system to keep the air flowing through the compartment. This is especially handy when work wear or gym kits are stored in the compartment. Each door also features 5-knuckle hinges for extra strength. If the door gets leaned on or too much weight applied, it's not going to easily bend out of shape, unlike some other lockers.

All our lockers are coated with ACTIVE COAT; All Probe lockers are powder coated with ACTIVE COAT anti-bacterial technology, exclusive to Probe, to prevent the likes of MRSA, E-Coli, Moulds and Fungi from spreading. This makes all of the lockers in this range safe storage for the highest of hygiene standards. This is great news for buyers for schools and hospitals, where hygiene standards have to be high. There is also a choice of door colours and sizes to suit everyone.

All our Probe lockers are Fire Zero Rated;
When you’re in the market for a new locker unit; look no further than our Fire Rated Lockers – Probe FireZero. Perfect for placement within any establishment, especially schools. The steel lockers have been tested in accordance with EN 13501-1: 2007 A1: 2009 regulations. This results in certification as the UK’s first FireZero lockers. The further benefits of the new certification doesn’t impact on price at all, not even a cent. Lead times and cost of our lockers stays the same. Therefore you can wreak the benefits without putting your hand in your pocket.

The fire rated lockers have been tested as ‘non-combustible’, this means they will not sustain, increase or combust any fire within close proximity, hence them being the perfect choice for schools and other frequented public areas. Set out to comply with Building Bulletin 100: Design for fire safety in schools.

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Ordering and Delivery of Lockers - Please Read Carefully

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Express lockers are available for immediate delivery, €50 for pallet of up to 8 lockers.

All other lockers are manufactured to order. The lead time is 10 - 15 working days approx.

Contact Us if you require further information or prices on the full range of Probe Products

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2 Nest x 2 Door Door Locker - Size 1780mm High x 610mm Wide x 457mm Deep
A quality steel locker manufactured by Probe